Floor 0Lounge, Dining & Pool

In level 0, (ground floor) there is the main entrance of our villa. In this level there are lounges (with WIFI), a dining room capable to accommodate 10-12 guests and a second dining room which can accommodate 10 more guests and can be used while wearing swimsuit. Also there is a WC. Outdoor there is a huge lounge which includes 4 build salons, a dining area for 8 guests and a BBQ area where there is another dining area for 12 guests. In this level there is also the outdoor pool (17x7 meters and depth 30cm to 2.70m).
Our lounge area is ideal for relaxation with family and friends or working with a team in the case you reserve the villa for business issues or for a business presentation. It consists of a 17meters long sofa ( detached pieces) and is fully equipped. There is a home cinema, projector system, music equipment (mixer-amplifier - 2 big speakers & microphone) You can enjoy a movie or present a business project if you plug your laptop on the mixer or listen music from your mobile or ipad.
There is a fireplace, a billiard and the amazing view of 360 degrees to the pool and yard, the surroundings, hills and sea view to Aegean sea and Saronic gulf. Also there is a painting area and it would be an honor for as if you painted something for our home and leave your imprint to our villa rather writing to a guest book.
This is our dining area and is capable to accommodate 10-12 guests! But if there is any special requirement, we could extend the dining table up to 20 guests. You could ask for a private chef and enjoy a 4 course meal based on greek cuisine. The importance of eating together!! Eating together encourages family togetherness ! Eating together is enjoyable!
There is no better thing than waking up in the morning and swim in the pool for your morning gym and then enjoy a good breakfast with your swimsuit. This dining area consists of 10 plastic chairs. In the winter you can enjoy a hot cup of tea and enjoy the view and the beauty of nature. This dining room has a fireplace, an open buffet with coffee equipment, a toaster, a microwave, a small refrigerator and another big refrigerator which is located in the food storage room.
You would love to dive into this huge pool! Our pool is 120sqm with an external dimension of 17m x 7m. The depth begins at 30cm in the first step and the maximum depth is 2.60m. There is a perimetric overflow and the pool is heated upon request. Children are not allowed to access without the supervision of parents or adults. The maintenance of the pool takes place once a week. The water is not salted, we use a typical chemical. You can use some of the inflatable pool games or you could bring your own equipment. Glasses and bottles are not allowed into the pool for safety reasons. Better to use only our plastic equipment. Book yard and pool for your special day event or your retreat. Book an instructor for a minimal pool lesson and discover scuba diving. Please contact us for special rates and availability.
The tranquility experience at the unique location is what your mental and physical well-being needs in order to escape. Enjoy our large courtyard for relaxation. This area is magical and therapeutic.
The six doctors? Sunshine - Water - Sleep - Air - Exercise & Nutrition. Enjoy a cocktail at sunset, reading a book or just admiring nature and view. Our country-yard is also suitable for private parties, retreat, gyms and games.
It has a capacity of 250 people. Catering facilities are available upon request.
Enjoy our BBQ area with a good company and tranditional greek wines. The grill is charcoal and a chef is available on demand to serve you.
Kindly requested to be very careful when using it because of the nature around the bbq area.
There is a WC on level 1 (living room) for all guests and there is also an external WC
and outdoor showers in the event of a party serving your extra guests. The entrance to the bedrooms and levels (1) & (-1) are not allowed to additional guests in the case of a private party for security reasons.
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